Some great picnics and BBQ spots

Picnic/bbq on the beach at Coniston Water

Just down the road from the Yurts at Great Langdale and Low Wray, Coniston water is a fantastic spot for a bit of picnicking on one of its many beaches. Or for the bold a dip in the Lake, brrrrrr! Or, home of the All England Stone Skimming Championships, why not try your hand at beating the record.

BBQ on the beach at Ulswater

Grab the BBQ, a Cumberland Sausage ring, some fresh bread rolls and a coupe of bottles of local ales and your set. If you staying in the Yurts at Low Wray or Great Langdale then the drive up the ‘Struggle’ over the Honister pass to get to Ulswater is nothing short of stunning. Ulswater is surrounded by small secluded gravel beaches ideal for BBQing late into the evening.